21) Gluten & Sugar Free Cheerio’s

This photograph was taken for a phoenix magazine article on kids going back to school!

22) Yellow Curry With Shrimp

As a Tempe Food Photographer I took this photograph for Tai Basil a restaurant in Tempe Arizona for their menu, and website. When I work on these types of photographic assignments I get lighting and composition set up with a dummy plate. Then when I am ready I help the cook or chief figure out how to build the plate.

23) Green Curry With Chicken

Another Tai Basil photograph taken for advertising purposes. Over the years of photographing food photography I have found window light is a wonderful light source, as long as the direct sunlight is not coming into the scene! I always like to have extra pieces of food available to add or subtract from the photograph! After reviewing many Arizona Food Photographers they decided on Reed Rahn.

24) Eggplant Chicken

More food photography with my good Friends Tai Basil! I never get bored with photographing food for people that have created such wonderful food.

25) Mango and Blue Sticky Rice

Tempe Arizona’s best Tai desert, is at Tai Basils!

26) Hummus

This image was taken for Tempe Arizona’s own Sahara Middle Eastern Restaurant. This image was taken with a beautiful north light to photograph this plate of hummus.

27) Gyro

This is the most popular Sandwich at Tempe Sahara Middle Eastern Restaurant, the Gyro. Whenever photographing a food photography assignment I try to shoot with as much limited depth of field as I can.

28) Lamb Shank

Sahara’s most popular plate to order is the Lamb Shank. The lamb melts in your mouth! This food photo is made by placing raisins on the rice and carefully pouring red juice on the rice.

29) Lentil Soup

Sahara’s in Tempe Arizona’s amazing soup! Dry onion slices sprinkled on top create texture for what could be a boring food photo!

30) Baklava

Sahara’s Favorite desert! Pistachio nuts sprinkled on top really make this food photography image.