11) Caviar / Roe

This was a macro food photograph for the book “50 Foods For Sex”. Roe are the eggs from Salmon, commonly known as Caviar.

12) Oysters

This image was all about propping. It’s fairly well known that oysters are considered an aphrodisiac and stimulate the libido as discussed in the book Fifty Foods For Sex.

13) Filet Mignon

This tasty food photograph of filet mignon was taken for El Paso Barbecue, a restaurant in Scottsdale. The garnish on top is sweet potato.

14) Hamburger

The image of this amazing looking burger was taken for the hamburger restaurant Fuddruckers in Scottsdale Arizona.

15) Pizza

This photograph was taken for Donorfrio’s in Chicago Illinois.

16) Cheese

This image was taken for my food photography promotional piece and it turned out pretty tasty.

17) Arugula Salad

This was another food photograph taken for Donorfrio’s restaurant that would eventually be used in my book “50 Foods For Sex”.

18) Omelet

As a Scottsdale Food Photographer I took this image for the restaurant Co Mocha Joe’s breakfast kick off! During my career I have taken many photographs for Food Magazines across America and the images have appeared in many of their articles.

19) Corn Flakes & Raspberries

As a Phoenix food photographer I enjoy creating healthy food for the public, and making it as enticing as it can be! This image was taken for an article on life styles and anti cancer foods for Scottsdale Foothills Magazine.

20) Blueberries

This photograph of blueberries appeared in the same article for Scottsdale Foothills Magazine. Blueberries are an anti-cancer food. This photograph would later be used in my book “50 foods For Sex”!