As a Phoenix Arizona Annual Report Photographer Reed Rahn has traveled the world. He has flown to London England, and Singapore on a days notice on assignment. He has been hired to photograph annual report portraits of Fortune 500 CEO’s for companies like Amazon, Hewlett Packard, IBM, and Southwest Airlines. For over 30 years Reed has traveled the west for Forbes Magazine as one of their main contributors on assignment, photographing hundreds of assignment, like photographing a mile under the earth driving 70 miles an hour in storage facilities for nucular waste for Westinghouse. For over 25 years Reed has worked for Getty Images Corporate, he has photographed annual report portraits for annual reports at Hoover Dam, for world-renowned fortune 500 companies like Bechtal.

December 2014 brings new and welcome changes to the website. The brand new website is modern, responsive and designed to work well on all mobile devices. The change also brings text to go along with the images so you get an idea of the story behind the work. We hope this is you enjoy and hope to provide new content here and there on the art of photography and the like. So Happy Holidays.

Studio Lighting Techniques For People Photography - An Intensive Seminar - OCTOBER 19th & 20th 2013

Learn photographic lighting techniques that will set you apart from amateur photographers, let Reed Rahn, and Dan Coogan catapult your career into becoming a real professional photographer. Learn the most edgy lighting techniques that will have national magazines and advertising agencies eating out of your hand! Learn simple tricks that will save you thousands of dollars on lighting equipment, and Photoshop! Let these international photographers jump-start your career, and spend a eight hour day, immersing your self in lighting techniques that most people only dream of!