After 29 years of photographing people! I know a little about the process. As a Arizona Editorial Photographer that has photographed the cover of Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated Magazine, and USA Weekend, I can tell you this, the more you know your subject the greater the potential of your portrait coming out great. Information is key, and finding the right perspective, is second, third knowing light. As an Arizona Advertising photographer I have lead the way in how photographers light photographic sets in the world. As an inventor for Chimera Lighting out of Boulder Colorado I changed the way people looked at light; even my teachers like Richard Avedon, Annie Liebovizt.

Another part of being one of the best Phoenix Commercial photographers is knowing how to engage people while you are photographing them. And last but not least is having a “God Given Eye For Design”. Now after 29 years with the digital camera I find the greatest challenge is to create a dynamic photograph without out lots of artificial lighting and Photoshop. Creating dynamic portraits with the smallest amount of enhancing the image by creating drama without a big production.

Greatest Assignment so far me was flying to London England to photograph the Director of the National Gallery. What an incredible experience. Funniest editorial assignment’s are being flown to ski areas, to photograph the President’s of the New York Stock Exchange like in Jackson Hole Wyoming, Sun Valley Idaho and Vail Colorado and skiing the rest of the day after that. With 50 years of skiing experience I live for those moment’s.

Jeannine Marzella

1) Jeannine Marzella

Photo shoot was a portrait of Jeannine Marzella Alimitless Life Scottsdale Arizona. This image was taken for Psychology Today Magazine, one of my favorite editorial photography clients. Jeannine was at her summer home in Malibu California where I photographed this location photography assignment. So I was asked to fly to Burbank California from Phoenix Arizona to photograph her on her favorite beach. The portrait was taken after a day of Jeannine co-hosting a new TV Show about weight loss. Jeannine is an expert hypnotherapist of 15 years. As a portrait photographer of 29 years I have an ability to recognize composition and beautiful light instantaneously. The time of the day I took this location portrait was towards the last hours of sun of the day. The fog helped to create a beautiful diffused lighting. My favorite portrait lens for editorial photography is my Nikon 105 macro lens. My favorite commercial photography camera body is my Nikon D300 camera. Jeannine and I were both surrounded by surfers on both sides of the frames of the picture. After the photo shoot we had dinner at the Charter House Restaurant, before I jumped on the red eye back to my photographic studio, and home in Tempe Arizona. A beautiful day with beautiful women.

David Block Window Tai Chi

2) David Block Window Tai Chi

This corporate photography assignment was taken for a annual report for State Farm Insurance. The subject was David Block a Master of Tai Chi in Phoenix Arizona. The story was about how he has helped hospitals with therapy, with the mentally Ill. Over the last 29 years I have photographed portraits for annul report photography for Scottsdale Memorial Scottsdale Arizona, Banner Health Systems Phoenix Arizona, The Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale Arizona, and Cancer Treatment Center Of America Goodyear Arizona. My list corporate photography clients reads like a how’s how of some of the largest corporation in the world. As a contributing photographer for Getty Images of New York of the last 20 years, I have photographed portraits of the richest, and most important business people in the world. My style of lighting has gone back to where I started 29 years ago. I like to try to use available light for my portraits as much as I can. I would always rather build a photograph based on incredible composition before I even think about lighting. The corporate portrait was taken with a 24mm Nikon lens. David’s Tai Chi has touched thousands of soles in Arizona. This particular assignment was very fun for me since I have practiced Tai Chi myself for over 40 years.

Nancy AA

3) Nancy AA

This was a commissioned portrait throw Nancy a friend throw the program of Alcoholics Anonymous which I have been a member of for over 29 years. It was taken at my home group meeting in Scottsdale Arizona. The portrait was taken available light from a window with a fill card. This photograph was representive of my editorial magazine portrait photography. The senior portrait also is part of Reeds ability to work well with older subjects, activating them and making them look vibrant and young at heart.

I love when I take portraits and people that tell me they hate having their portrait taken. I tell them I have been photographing portraits of people for over 29 years, and if I can’t make them look good I need to quite, and find a new job. Every person on this planet has a good look. Some people have many good looks. When people are self conscious about the way they look, I erasure them they have never been photographed by a photographer that understands form and shape of a face. I have studied portraiture for over 34 years. I also have an assistant that has worked with me for over 20 years, and see’s things that I sometime miss. I also work with assistants that love living on computers, and manipulating subjects till their hearts desire. When one has a portrait taken by Reed Rahn you are getting a portrait that will be art you will want to share and keep for as long as you live and long after.

Malcolm Alexander

4) Malcolm Alexander

This environmental portrait was taken for a book I worked on of famous people with dyslexia. My goal was to have it picked up by one of the book publishing companies. The editorial type style photograph was taken in Santa Fe New Mexico. Over the last 29 years I have work on many assignments of people that live in Santa Fe. Malcolm is one of the best sculptors I have ever seen. His sculptors of nudes are incredible. I took two different portraits of him. The one you see was as I was leaving. I was packing my bags with my assistant, and kept walking throw the gate in the photograph. Finally I said Malcolm will you let me photograph you one more time. He said of course! The photograph reminds me of my favorite portrait photographer of all time “The Great Arnold Newman”! Arnold Newman was a Life Magazine editorial photographer that traveled the world photographing The Presidents of the United States to kings and Queens. The photograph of Malcolm reminds me of his famous portrait of Georgia O’Keeffe. This photograph is another celebrity portrait that will always stay dear to my heart. This is one of the greatest environmental fine art portrait photographs I have taken without a question. Because I love Arizona & New Mexico it is not unusual to find me driving to a photographic assignment from Tempe Arizona to Santa Fe or Tahoe’s New Mexico.

Zorensky Family

5) Zorensky Family

This was a commission portrait of one of the sweetest families in Tempe Arizona. Elaina was expecting her third child, and I had the privilege to photograph there amazing family. The style of the photograph is up beat more like an editorial photographer would be taken apposed to a fine art portrait photographer. This image was photographed with western facing light on a very diffused from an over cast day. The assignment was two fold. Eliana wanted pregnancy photographs better known as maternity photography, and family portraits of the whole family. Then I would come back after the birth of here new child for newborn photographs. Photographing a new soul is always a fun experience. It always takes me back to memories of my 19-year-old son Harrison being born and growing up. The feeling of a little sole falling asleep on your shoulder is an experience every human being should experience at least once in a lifetime.

Couple With Baby

6) Couple With Baby

Pat My Neighbor

7) Pat My Neighbor

This portrait was taken of my sweet neighbor Pat and her daughter. This was a double event. It was her 50th anniversary of being married. Over the years I have been an event photographer for fortune 500 companies conventions and special meetings in Arizona. I have photographed events for Mattel Toys, Hewlett Packard, IBM, and many more large corporations. A good event photographer sticks his camera in people spaces in a none invasive way. A good event photographer engages people. You usually have a limited amount of time to get the photograph you need. Being an event photographer is much like being a wedding photographer. This family portrait happen in Tempe Arizona, it was dusk, the sun had set, and I had very little time. This image could have been advertising photography, for any senior product in the advertising media.

Ed Rucker & Olivia Rucker

8) Ed Rucker & Olivia Rucker

This portrait was taken of a dear old friend of mine, and his young daughter Olivia that I meet in Scottsdale Arizona. Ed was an amazing man. He joined the army at the age of 15 years old by his parents lying. He was one of the first American solders to visit the concentration camp of Germany. He was also one of the first people in Detroit to set up half way houses for the Heroin Addicts in Detroit Michigan. I took this portrait about a year before he died after 3 open heat surgeries; he died at the age of 71. He would always tell me I was to great of a photographer to quite. This portrait was in a local Dinner that we stopped at in Santa Fe New Mexico. We where scouting an advertising photography assignment for Walt Disney a week before a big photo shoot. Again this image could have been for today’s advertising photography or editorial photography for a magazine.

Arnie’s Health Food Store

9) Arnie’s Health Food Store

This portrait was a story on healthy living for Time Magazine. This sweet old man has one of the oldest health food stores in Phoenix Arizona. He and his wife are both in there early 80’s and act like they are 50 years old. The image is photographed like editorial photographer that would be photographed like a photojournalist. I started 29 years ago photographing black & white portraits. I 2010 the New Times awarded him best Super-Food Phoenix 2010. In the 1990’s I was on assignment for Forbes Magazine photographing an environmental portrait in Austin Texas of the guy that started Whole Foods John Mackey.

Prescott Artist Eric Boos

10) Prescott Artist Eric Boos

This editorial photographic portrait assignment was photographed for the cover of American Craft Magazine. Eric creates ceramic sculptors a true master, and a hell of a nice guy. I took three images for this story. My client had higherd me before to photograph the corporate magazine for American Express. As an Arizona Editorial Photographer I have photograph some of the greatest artist of our time. After 29 years many of the great artist are no longer with us. Eric has lived and breathed ceramic since 1972. Prescott Arizona is about an hour & half drive from Phoenix Arizona. Eric teaches ceramic at the famous Prescott College. Anther part of the photographic assignment was product photography of his ceramic pieces. As an Arizona Commercial Photographer of 29 years I have many times switch my hat from people photographer to Arizona product photographer.