Michael Moore

21) Michael Moore

This editorial portrait was taken for Newsweek Magazine. They flew both my Assistant and me from Tempe Arizona to Telluride Colorado. My assignment was to photograph Michael Moore at the Telluride Film Festival. Michael was a great guy that would talk to you till your ear would drop off. As an Arizona Editorial Photographer I have have photographed many Celebrities’, but Michael was one of the nicest I’ve meet. I could tell you a dozen horror stories of different celebrity photographer photographic shoots I have had. But I have to admit the best part of this whole trip was being in Colorado for the fall colors, they were out of this world. I will never forget the Dusted Mountain Tops of Snow with the Golden Aspen Trees in the foreground.

Sammy Sosa

22) Sammy Sosa

This editorial portrait was photographed for the cover of USA Weekend Magazine. The location of the portrait was at the Chicago Cubs Spring Training Camp in Mesa Arizona. I had about 15 minutes to get this image while the writer of USA Weekend was taking to him at the same time. He was from Cuba so his English was very small. That didn’t matter all that mattered is that he new he to swing a baseball bat.

Frank Calendio

23) Frank Calendio

This was an advertisement photograph for Fox Football Sports News. This became a billboard for America. My photography Assignment was to photograph Frank in 50 NFL football jerseys in less than a half day. Fox sent me to Cleveland Ohio to photograph Frank. In advertising photography usually you have a cast of many people on the set. I had myself, my assistant, the art director from fox, and the wardrobe, hair makeup person. Over the last 29 years I have photographed several national advertising photographic campaigns. As an Arizona Advertising Photographer I have work with some of the Largest Advertising Agencies In The Worlds from Saatchi & Saatchi to Leo Burnet. When people need a Phoenix Arizona Advertising Photographer they normally will call me.

Alice Cooper & Mat Williams

24) Alice Cooper & Mat Williams

This was an advertisement photography assignment for the City of Scottsdale on getting along with different kids in school. It was photographed in Scottsdale Arizona. Both the subjects where very easy to work with. They were both very good friends in live. On this particular photo shoot I used my Graduator to achieve the even light on the subjects. Photographing people on white backgrounds has become a norm in the celebrity advertisement photography world.

Kurt Warner

25) Kurt Warner

This editorial photographic assignment was for Bloomberg Magazine out of New York City. As an editorial photographer you never now how is going to call you or who you might be photographing the next day. This assignment took place the year after the Phoenix Cardinals were in the super bowl. My photographic assignment was to capture Kurt Warner in action with his teammates. Whenever I get assignment like this I will typically rent a 500 mm lens from Tempe Camera in Tempe Arizona. The photo shoot happen in Flagstaff Arizona where the phoenix cardinals have there training camp in the hot summer months of Arizona. Usually sports photographers are confining to specific locations, and are not allow out side those areas. The Phoenix Cardinals have always left a sourer taste in my mouth. The owner Bill Bidwell destroyed my beautiful Cover Photograph of Phoenix Magazine, because he would not stand on a player stool in the locker room. His ego was a killer.

Kosuke Fukudome

26) Kosuke Fukudome

This was another editorial photographer assignment for Bloomberg Magazine out of New York. The editorial story was about Japanese Baseball players in the America Professional Baseball This were photographed at The Chicago Cubs Spring Training Camp In Mesa Arizona. Spring Training is always a busy time for Arizona Editorial Photographers. I have photographed many of the most famous baseball players of America history. This image of Kosuke was photographed with my 200mm lens wide open. One has to anticipate sport photography. Of course it helps to be immanently attached to the game itself. My original assignment was to take a portrait of him, but the cubs didn’t think he had enough time. This type of switching gears happens all the time in editorial photography. One needs to go with the flow and not fight the current. Most sports celebrities treat photographers like they are getting their teeth pulled out. So when you photograph these guys you need to have a fast plan, and hope they will warm up, after you have made them look like a God.


27) Nike

I was hired as a Phoenix Advertising Photographer for this photographic assignment. The image is for Nike out of Beaverton Oregon, just outside Portland Oregon. This was the first assignment I had done for Nike at that Time. My assignment was to photograph the coach in action with his normal Nike Apparel that he wears at the official Pac Ten Football Games. I rented a 500 mm lens from my good friends at Tempe Camera. Beginning on the sidelines with these Gladiators is a wild experience, even for someone that doesn’t really care about football. The energy on the field is of the rector scale. The physical hitting is beyond comprehension. I am amazed they can walk after the bounding their bodies take. I have heard that the average professional football player doesn’t live past 60 years of age, now I now why. Since the advertising photographic assignment I have work for Nike Golf.