David & Paula

11) David & Paula

Another commission portrait photographed more like an advertisement for healthy Adult Living Advertisement. After photographing David for the corporate photography assignment for State Farms Annual Report I got a call from David’s girlfriend Paula saying she wanted to be photographed together with David. This image was the result. Again I took the portrait at David’s Phoenix Arizona location.

The Godfather

12) The Godfather

This is a stock portrait that was taken of my son Harrison Rahn & my good friend Frank Zampino. The image was taken in the Arizona Prescott National Forest just out side of Prescott Arizona. It was taken on a Lake called Links Lakes. This portrait was taken in editorial photography style. We where escaping the summer heat of Phoenix, and as usual it was raining in the mountains in the summer time. Like I said before some moment’s scream take my photograph now. So I did. Frank is the Godfather to my son.

Tieraona Low Dog, MD

13) Tieraona Low Dog, MD

This portrait is of my favorite Doctor I call her T. The image you see was the first time I photographed her in Tucson Arizona. She had an incredible office in a private estate that an old woman had donated to her or the University of Arizona. It was in the foothills and sat on some of the prettiest Sonora Desert I have ever seen. This was the start of switching back to great composition and available light. My assistant Mark and I set her in the shade and then overexposed the background. The effect made her look like an angel. Dr.T is one of the leading Herb & Naturopathic Doctors in the world only second to her teacher Dr, Andrew Weil. The portrait I took was later used in her first book published by National Geographic. Over the past 29 years I have contributed to National Geographic several times. Photographing authors for book publishing photography, has been a complete joy; authors are always so fun to work for because they can’t wait to launch their new books. After the portrait in Tucson I would end up photographing another National Geographic book for her this last fall. She was in Scottsdale Arizona leading a new line of products for Spas at the Scottsdale Princess Resort.

Stephanie Meyer

14) Stephanie Meyer

This editorial magazine portrait was taken for Time Magazine. It was photographed in here Scottsdale Arizona Residence. She is the author of the famous book Twighlight. The image was slated as a cover image for the magazine.

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

15) Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

Long Time Client. They are located in Goodyear Arizona. This environmental portrait was photographed at her phoenix home. She was lying on the couch with the cat when I came into her Phoenix Arizona home. As an editorial photographer I get you photograph people that have survived incredible odds of staying alive.

Brother Sister Portrait

16) Brother Sister Portrait

Yoga In Sedona

17) Yoga In Sedona

This another image of one of my client Jeannine Marzella, and good friend. This image was for a Yoga Calendar I produces called Arizona Yoga. The image is in Sedona Arizona one of my favorite places in the world to hang out. The portrait was taken next to Bell Rock looking back at Sedona. Over the last 10 years I have dedicate much of my time to yoga photography. Infact I advertise my name as the yoga photographer. I am a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, and have been practicing yoga for 14 years. The place that Jeannine is sitting is what is known as a vortex. It is a point in the earth that has incredible energy coming up from it. The first time I felt the energy from a vortex it blew my mind. It was like a little earthquake. Before I experienced it I thought people were crazy. I have spent hundreds of days in Sedona over the last 29 years on various projects.

Philip Curtis Walking sticks indoor way

18) Philip Curtis

This was an Arizona Editorial Portrait of one of the most famous painters to live in Arizona. The photographic assignment was for Southwest Spirit Magazine. Phillip Curtis lived on about 5 acres in the middle of Scottsdale Arizona. He drove an old Orange Ford Galaxy convertible. When I walk into his house I saw pictures of other famous artist like Georgia O’Keeffe, and Alfred Stieglitz. I ask him if he knew those people, he said "now them they where my friends". I said holy crap. The closet I photographed him in was filled with paintings that cost over $80,000.00 a piece.

Lion King

19) Lion King

This was a commissioned portrait of Michael Smith a lead Dancer in the Broadway hit Lion King. Michael was in Phoenix Arizona this last winter, and found out about my yoga photography that I have been doing for the last 10 years. He jumped at the chance to be photographed by me. He was an amazing subject. I have photographed many yogis in my life but this kid was incredible.

Steve Nash

20) Steve Nash

This portrait was photographed for the cover of Time Magazine. Steve was up for MVP two years in arrow. The editorial portrait was photographed at the Phoenix Suns Stadium before a playoff game for the NBA Championship. When I got the call for this job I called one of my assistants that played college basketball for Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff Arizona. The reason I did this was because he new everything about Steve Nash. So he was the stand in model that showed me what Steve Nash could do. Prior to this day I had never evern heard of Steve Nash. That’s right I follow and watch very little TV or Radio. But what I do know is how to take a portrait, and light portraits. In the past I have photographed many celebrity portrait of many famous sport figures. The freeze action of Steve was achieved with creating four lights on one channel. The background was created with grey seamless! I used my Chimera Lighting Soft boxes, and my assortment of Fabric Grids. Steve Nash is originally from Edmonton Canada, and is a good friend of Brett Hull. Now being a hockey player that meant something to me.