Who doesn’t like food? Food that is made by someone that knows what he or she is doing is a Joyful experience. I’ve always loved food; I usually associate it with people being content, and not worried about the day in and out stresses of life. My parents where both incredible cook’s. They would always be creating some exotic meal that took hours and hours to prepare. In the later part of my fathers years he would go crazy making just about anything you could possibly imagine.

So at one time in my life I considered becoming a chief. When I went to Brooks Institute For Photography In Santa Barbara California I studied Food Photography. When I got out of school I worked with several commercial photographers that photographed food. My first food job was photographing food for Bashes Food in Chandler Arizona, and then I would go on to photograph food for Safeway.

Through my career as a Advertising Food Photographer I have photographed food for many different restaurants, like Elpaso Barbeque, Mastro’s, Coco Moco Joes, The Wriggly Mansion, Thai Basil, Sahara’s, Fud Rucker’s, Don & Charles Sport Bar, Los Dos Molino’s, San Carlos Bay. I have also photograph advertising food photography for Gentle Strength Coop, CC Pollen, Whole Foods, Rock Springs Pies, Cold Stone Creamery, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

In the year 2012, I co-wrote, and photographed the famous book “50 Foods For Sex”. As a Phoenix Editorial Food photographer, I have photographed food for Phoenix Magazine, Phoenix Home & Garden, Arizona Foot Hills, Forbes Magazine, Newsweek, Magazine, Arizona Highway and Restaurant Business. It’s been an exciting journey so far.

1) Coffee

This Image was taken for my book “50 Foods For Sex” co-written by Jeannine Marzella. This is an example of food photography poor shot with both Photoshop, and fast flash duration photography. The sugar cub igloo was sugar cubes hot waxed to a modified wooden bowl. The light coming out the entrance is an SB24 Nikon Flash. The image was photographed in my photographic studio in Tempe Arizona. If you want to know how coffee can help your sex life, please buy the book.

2) Ice Tea

Another image that was taken for the book was all about styling. A drink photography food shot that combined the perfect lemon, mint, ice, tea, glass and green straw. The second most popular drink on the plant, next to water. Living in Tempe Arizona, in the summer time you must crank your air conditioner to keep food fresh looking in my photographic studios. A very funny sight to see here in Arizona, is people walking around in down jackets in the photo studio, with outside temperatures reaching 118 degree’s.

3) Champaign

Marilyn Monroe’s favorite drink, from the book “50 Foods For Sex”! A photograph that screams celebration, this was a combination of 3 photographs in one. Each glass would be photographed separately and once again Photoshop brought it all together. Also to create this effect I used several SB Nikon Portable strobes facing in a light box!

4) Celery

Styling and propping are what this food photograph is all about! As an assistant for some of the best food photographers in Chicago, I also got to watch some of the best food stylist in America back in the early 1980’s. Celery is helpful for men attracting women which is once again mentioned in the book.

5) Red Wine

This was another example of using fast strobe flash duration to capture motion of the wine being poured into the glass. Believe it or not n photoshop was used in this image. It was a perfect single pour from over 20 attempts. The trick of the pour has to do with the size of the pouring vase. One of the 50 food photographs for my book.

6) Coconut

This particular image is an example of multiple images combined together for the pour of the coconut milk. The styling on this image was very fun using saws and axes to create the look of the broken coconuts. This particular image was inspired by a coconut milk advertisement. As mentioned in the book, the scent coconut is very stimulating to most women, and men. Who would thought.

7) Peaches

Propping and more Propping! When this photograph was taken, peaches were out of season. So with a little out of the box thinking for this particular food photograph it was smoothie time. The red in this image makes the photograph sing.

8) Lobster Tail

Lobsters are not the easiest food to photograph. You need more than one of the same size to plan your perspective and lighting. In food photography we call it the dummy plate. As a side note, the Lobsters for this image were purchased at Aj’s in Chandler Arizona in their Seafood department.

9) Tuna

This Beautiful Tuna Sushi Roll was created by Whole Foods In Chandler Arizona. The props were from IKEA in Tempe Arizona.

10) Split Lobster Tail

This food photograph was taken for the Pacific Fish Company in Phoenix Arizona and I liked it so much it made it into the book about food and sex cause everyone knows lobster is sexy.