Guy With Umbrellas In London

21) Guy With Umbrellas In London

This corporate photograph was taken of the Director of the National Gallery in London England. The portrait was for a Annual Report for Hewlett Packard. Myself , and my assistant fly to London on a days notice. The next day we had pouring rain for our photoshoot. So we photographed the Director outside facing out towards Trafager Square. At this time I use to use a lot of props for my photographs, So I bought a dozen umbrellas for the photo shoot. As a Annual Report Photographer this has been one of the great heights of my carrier.

Old Guy Skiing

22) Old Guy Skiing

President of New York Stock Exchange
This editorial portrait happened in Jackson Hole Wyoming. The subject was photographed for Forbes Magazine. The subject was William R. Johnston . As an Arizona Editorial Photographer I have photographed 3 Presidents of the New York Stock Exchange. I was flown on 4 hours notice from Tempe Arizona to Jackson Hole Wyoming on a private Jet. I took the portrait the next morning, and I was skiing by launch. Bill was a hell of a nice guy, and the skiing was incredible.

Kayak Guy

23) Kayak Guy

Mark Thatcher Founder Of Teva Sandals
This is an editorial portrait photographed of the inventor, and founder of Teva Sandals. I took his portrait at his home in Flagstaff Arizona. Mark was a former Grand Canyon River Guide that saw the need for a functional sandal that could get wet. Today his company makes about 99 million dollars a year. As an Arizona Editorial Photographer he is one of the richest individual I have ever photographed.

Guy With Aliens

24) Guy With Aliens

Mayor of Roswell New Mexico Forbes Magazine
For over 15 years I was the number one photographer in the Southwest for Forbes magazine. In the late 90’s the magazine business was cranking. I would photograph human-interest stores for Forbes all the time. This editorial portrait was taken in front of City Hall of Roswell New Mexico. We drove from Tempe Arizona to Roswell New Mexico in about 8 hours. They had two UFO museums there. So I pulled theses aliens out of the two museums. It is one of my all time favorite editorial portraits of my life. The mayor was a wonderful person; he practically gave me the keys to the town. As an Arizona Editorial Portrait Photographer I have worked on many assignment, but this has on of the funniest. We even took photographs of the crash site.