When I think of corporate photography I think of the Great Arnold Newman. Corporate Photography for me means business. People that have to wear expensive suites to exchange money. When I first started taking business portraits, I knew I was good at making people look important. I also thought that if I photographed rich and famous people that someday I too would be the rich and famous. Being around all the financially creative souls has paid off because when you hangout with successful people the energy rubs of on you.

After 30 years of being an Arizona Corporate Photographer I will have achieved the same financial freedom that most of these people embodied. The fact is the ones that have made the most money took the biggest risks. They kept on believing in themselves when others wouldn’t. When magazines, or corporations call me, they call me because they want to celebrate the achievements of these types of people. When people love what they do they excel at what they do. It is amazing to see how many people create so many wonderful ideas. It only takes one thought, a person can buy two dump trucks, and in 30 years be the wealthiest corporation in Phoenix Arizona.

One of my most memorable corporate assignments was for Hewlett Packard’s Annual Report traveling around the world, also being Forbes Magazines Southwest Photographer for over a decade. Also photographing an 80 year old engineer that built Hoover Dam for Bechtel Corporation. Another great time was photographing for two days on a houseboat on Lake Powell for AT&T. The list of experiences go on and on!

Home Builder Group Photograph

1) Home Builder Group Photograph

TW Lewis
After 29 years of editorial photography, I have photographed many corporate publications that deal with different industries. This particular publication had to deal with the homebuilder industry. The subject was TW Lewis one of the most prestigious Home Builders in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Again this particular corporate portrait was taken in a development in Chandler Arizona. I was given one location for this portrait. Nine times out of ten or ten times out of ten the best perspective will scream here I am. This was another time that the natural light said here I am take me. Group Portraits are all about building energy to get everyone to feel good about being part of the team. This corporate portrait screams teamwork. The corporate magazine was ecstatic and the subject TW Lewis ended up buying the images for they’re corporate marketing. This Chandler portrait was taken with a 20 mm Nikon Lens & the D300 body. You can find TW Lewis properties in Scottsdale Arizona, Gilbert Arizona, Mesa Arizona, Peoria Arizona, Glendale Arizona, Paradise Valley Arizona, Anthem Arizona, Tempe Arizona, and Ahwatukee Arizona.

Joey Tempe Camera Holding Lens

2) Joey Tempe Camera Holding Lens

This is a portrait of the owner of Arizona’s one stop shop for an Arizona Commercial Photographer's. His name is Joe Wojcich in 1994 he won the top small business in Arizona, and was handed an award by the president of the United States. Digital cameras have revolutionized the way one lights a seen. This image was shot straight available light. For over 29 years I have done business with Joe. When I took this environmental portrait I was working on a series of images for my portfolio called Grey for stock photography images I was creating. When an advertising photographer, or editorial photographer comes to Phoenix Arizona, one of the first calls they will make is to Tempe Camera. Joe’s business started over 35 years ago.

Stockbroker Sitting In Chair

3) Stockbroker Sitting In Chair

A corporation that doesn’t allow you to identify them in photographer’s portfolios.

Women Standing in Black Against Window

4) Woman Standing in Black Against Window

Catherine Walters
This was a commissioned business portrait of a local realtor. She was photographed at the Tempe Cultural Center next to Tempe Town Lake. It was a great location to take business portraits.


5) Infusionsoft

This corporate portrait photography was done for a Chandler Arizona for the up coming billionaire Internet Company. I photographed subjects against a white background and then dropped them into background we had photographed earlier.


6) Infusionsoft

This corporate portrait photography was done for a Chandler Arizona for the up coming billionaire Internet Company. I photographed subjects against a white background and then dropped them into background we had photographed earlier.

Eight Board Of Directors on Stair Case

7) Eight Board Of Directors on Stair Case

FFCA Annual Report
This is a typical corporate annual report photography image I take for an annual report. As a corporate photographer I usually will scout the location ahead of time with the client to make sure everyone is in agreement of the location and the time of day we will take the portrait. When you are an annual report photographer you usually have very little time to take the portraits of the individuals in the photograph. The location for this corporate photograph took place at there corporate head quarters where that just happen to have the largest private impressionistic art gallery in the United States. The guys in the suites where some of the richest men in Arizona, and the United States. This Corporate Group Portrait would have been just another boring photograph if I didn’t create a dynamic perspective, pull out 16 lights to light different people individually, or didn’t know how to engage the subjects to activate them to come alive.

Two guys in front of staircase in suites.

8) Two guys in front of staircase in suites.

Horizon Reality
This corporate portrait is of the owners and founders of Horizon Reality in Phoenix Arizona. The executive’s portrait was photographed at the 44th Street & Thomas road location in phoenix Arizona. This particular image never would of happen with out all the lighting that was added to the image. Lighting for a corporate portrait like this normally takes a good 2 hours. This photograph was to be used in corporate collateral like brochures, and websites.

Guy in Suite holding news paper by window

9) Guy in Suite holding news paper by window

President of Norwest Bank
This was a corporate portrait that was to be used for an Advertisement for the bank. We had scouted the image a week before. We pulled all the furniture into the room we photograph him in. The image was photographed in Downtown Phoenix Arizona.

CEO Of Dial

10) CEO Of Dial

This corporate portrait was photograph of the CEO of Dial Corporation. The image was photographed for Business Week Magazine. This image was taken in Scottsdale Arizona. Again without is design for lighting this photograph would of look like DODO.