Black & White image of woman surrounded by books in chair.

11) Black & White image of woman surrounded by books in chair.

City of Scottsdale Annual Report
This corporate portrait was taken of the Head Librarian of the main Scottsdale Library. The chair was elevated of the ground with sand blocks. This is a timeless photograph; this was at the beginning of my corporate photography carrier. This was the beginning of my annual report photography carrier. We actually won an award for this annual report.

Dorothy Hamill & Husband with Mannequins

12) Dorothy Hamill & Husband with Mannequins

This corporate looking portrait was photographed for the Cover of Forbes Magazine. At the time Dorothy had the Ice Capades in Scottsdale Arizona. As an editorial magazine photographer it was a great honor to photograph her. When I was a kid I had a total crush on her, specially being a hockey player.

Southwest Airlines

13) Southwest Airlines

As a editorial corporate portrait photographer I was commission to photograph for Forbes Magazine for an article on Southwest president Colleen Barret, she was the personal secretary for Southwest founder Herb Keller, when the company first started!

Two Black Women

14) Two Black Women

Philanthropist Of Arizona
I photographed these two gales on two different occasions. This editorial portrait was photographed for Forbes magazine. I photographed them in their Phoenix Arizona Home. I cannot remember their names. They where both phoenix school teacher’s that invested their money in stocks and made millions.

Woman with American Flag wrapped around her.

15) Woman with American Flag wrapped around her.

President of The Summer Olympics (Time Magazine)
This was an editorial Magazine Assignment for Time Magazine. The woman in the portrait was the first female president of the Olympic committee. After about a year latter I heard she was fired for financial dealings. As a phoenix Arizona Editorial photographer I was horned at the time to be hired to take the portrait. The portrait was taken in her Scottsdale house on the side of a mountain.

Cowboy & Green Sculptor

16) Cowboy & Green Sculptor

Malcolm Alexander
This image was from the same Santa Fe New Mexico photo shoot that was in my featured people section. In this image of course you can see his incredible abstract sculptors of art. Again this editorial portrait image was created for a book I was creating on famous people with Dyslexia.

Woman with pink Cactus Flowers in Back

17) Woman with pink Cactus Flowers in Back

Barbara Srtauera
This editorial portrait was created for Newsweek Magazine. The story was about how Barbara never gave up hope of the rehabilitation of her husband that had been in a horrible motorcycle accident. This portrait was photographed in their home in Tucson Arizona. It was spring in Arizona and the cactus in the back of her was in bloom. Barbara is a writer and has written for many publications.

Old woman with paintings

18) Old woman with paintings

Beatrice Madeleine
Beatrice Madeleine was a modern abstract painter that studied and work with Jackson Polack when she was 16 years old in New York City. She would skip school to work with the famous painter. This environmental editorial portrait was taken in her studio in Taos New Mexico. Some of her work rivaled Georgia Okeeffe. The editorial assignment came from Forbes Magazine. They flew my assistant and me from Tempe, Arizona to Albuquerque New Mexico. It was a amazing day here was this little 84 year old woman smoking cigarettes and on oxygen at the same time. There were old plants growing from outside coming throw the old windows in her adobe house. The room that I photographed her used to be her husband that always took center stage. She was one hell of a painter. She would pass away a few years latter.

Little Old Lady with Fishing Pole

19) Little Old Lady with Fishing Pole

Pauline McCleeve
Another editorial people portrait taken for Arizona Highways Magazine. The portrait was taken at sunset a Kiwanis Park Lake in south Tempe, Arizona.

Old Mexican Woman

20) Old Mexican Woman

Founder Victoria Chavez of Los Dos Molinos
In the late 90’s I came up with the idea of photographing the owners of the best Mexican Restaurants in Arizona. One of the best is Los Dos Molinos. They have 3 restaurants in the Phoenix Arizona Metropolitan Area. There food has been recognized by some of the finest Restaurant Magazine, and Food Magazines in the world like Bon Appétit Magazine. I originally found out about Los Dos when I photographed here daughter for the Cover of Phoenix Magazine.